GreenPrints #087, Autumn 2011


“Tigger Apples”, “Vanity in the Garden” (bad idea!), “Atomic Gardens” (yes, they exist), “A Flower for Mommy”, “Family Blooms” … and much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

Tigger Apples
A beloved cat leaves a gift.

Plum Loco
Big tree and small car? A bad combination.

Family Blooms
A perennial garden of plants—and people.

Australian Daddy
How I found my life’s garden—and wife.

Can’t Buy Better Than That
He’ll always be with me. In the garden.

Blunder, Blunder, By the Sea
Is using dead fish for fertilizer really a good idea?

Vanity in the Garden
Good luck with that.

Empty nest. New garden.

Gardening and life have many surprises.

Colorado Potato Beetle
An excerpt from Amy Stewart’s compendium of iniquitous insects, Wicked Bugs.

“I Put the Lime on the Blueberry … ”
Mike McGrath—Surprise!—messes up.

Atomic Gardens
Irradiated garden plants? Sounds spooky. On the other hand …

Opa’s Sunflower
Memories of my grandfather.

A Flower for Mommy
Helping a little girl understand.

From the Ground Down.
Why I love root vegetables.

True Colors
The autumn of leaves and of life can both be beautiful.

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