GreenPrints #088, Winter 2011-12



“The Funny Bunny Year”, “My $900 Flower Order”, “Houseplant Friends”, “A Long-Ago Christmas”, “Year of the Garden Cat”, “Me and the Woodchuck” … and much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

The Funny Bunny Year
How rabbits took over my garden—and me.

Onion Snow
What about the other kinds?

The Blue Hydrangea
I believe one day it will thrive.

A Long-Ago Christmas
And a never-forgotten lesson.

My $900 Flower Order
Maybe I got a little carried away?

Stan and the Arborist
Don’t call him the Tree Guy.

The Rose Jar
My mother’s magic with cuttings.

Sad-Eyed Tomatoes of the Lowlands
Horticultural zombies save Mike McGrath.

Year of the Garden Cat
Ever wonder what your pet is really thinking?

Smell the Roses
Oh how we need to!

Aristocratic Asparagus
An appetizer from a new book of remarkable vegetable lore. By Contributing Editor Becky Rupp.

Me and the Woodchuck
Who was hunting who?

A Bit of This and That
Making do with what you grew.

Houseplant Friends
Remind me of my real ones.

Companion Planting
A gravely amusing short story.

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