GreenPrints 091, Autumn, 2012

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White House Gardeners, My Garden FIRE, The Hapless Homesteader, Stink Bug, Gardener Healing, The Last Sweet Corn, Raynelle's First Garden  . . . and much more!




cornThe Last Sweet Corn
A kind man at a roadside stand.

haplessHapless Homesteader
Yep, that’s me!
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pinestumpMy Pine Stump Garden
And how it’s helped me survive.

Stink Bug
A lesson in coexistence.

fireSaturday Afternoon Fire!
My most terrifying gardening experience.

Gardener, Healing
Ponderings in an autumn Adirondack.

welshOur Welsh Miner’s Garden
Yes, we were suckers.
But there was one bright spot.

Mike Goes Batty
Mike McGrath has another zany adventure.

raynelleRaynelle’s First Garden
She learned a lot.
So did I.

melons“Help, I’m Shot!”
I’d do anything to get out of helping in the garden.

Momma and the Melons
That cool feeling down your spine.

Talk to the Triffids
Do plants listen?
Do they talk?

otisNews from Your Editor
The birth of our second grandchild (yay!)
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keepersMy Garden Keepers
Putting away the statues in fall.


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