GreenPrints 094, Summer 2013

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In the Night Garden, Are Worms Vitamins? Seeds in the Belly, Save My Parsley!, Garden Angels, Friends Live On, Don’t You Know Dahlias . . . and much, much more!




nightIn the Night Garden

What happens when we’ve gone to bed.
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seedsSeeds in the Belly

That’s where babies come from, right?

dahliasDon’t You Know Dahlias?
Renewing a precious acquaintance.

Save My Parsley
My husband tried. He really tried.

therapyGarden Therapy
Gardens DO make us feel better. But why?

My Gardening Mother
Contributing Editor Diana Wells
tells where she got it from.

wormsI [Heart] Worms
Nature’s little helpers turn a bad plan into a great one.

The Trouble with Oranges
Mike McGrath gets in real trouble this time!

thiefThe Flower Thief
A small boy learns to love flowers—
by stealing them.

Flying Solo
Marigolds and memories.

turkeyThe Brush Turkey Cometh
A serious threat to the garden.

Are Worms Vitamins?
Only one way to find out!

friendsFriends Live On
In my garden.

Garden Angels
A special child’s special friends.


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