GreenPrints 099, Autumn 2014

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Bullitt the Greyhound, The Calamity of the Garden Clogs, Garlic Madness, Owen's Hearing, My Sweet Sweet Potatoes . . . and more!




queenQueen for a Day
Ruler of the orchard.

weedWeed or Flower?
Good guy or bad? How to tell the difference
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bullittBullitt the Greyhound
My best gardening friend.

My Sweet Sweet Potatoes
And how I learned to share them.

clogsThe Calamity of the Garden Clogs
Or why I no longer have to take out the garbage.

Old One-Arm
It takes more than an injured shoulder to keep Mike McGrath from messing up.

owenOwen’s Hearing
How my son grew—in our garden.

God’s Word for Gardeners Bible
A devotional created especially for gardeners.

deadDead Trees

Watermelon Lawn
The year my daughter’s vines took over.

poemsGarden Poems and High-School Kids
The surprise I got when I combined the two.

Grandpa’s Tulips
And why he planted them in the lawn.

frogThe Frog
How all those ornaments got in my garden.

kaleEat More Kale
And I don’t mean EAT MOR CALE.

And my ungenerous heart.

garlicGarlic Madness
Moving ourselves? OK. But moving the garlic?


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