Rhapsody in Green



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A charming, 135-page collection of the best garden wit and wisdom from all of Beverley Nichols’s books. A great way to get a taste of one of our best, funniest, and most enthusiastic garden voices. Hardback.

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A few sample passages:

One of my grandfathers died of a clump of iris stylosa; it enticed him from a sick bed on an angry evening in January, luring him through the snow-drifts with its blue and silver flames; he died of double pneumonia a few days later. It was probably worth it.

‘Know thy soil’ is as vital an injunction to the gardener as ‘Know thyself’ to the philosopher.

We cannot solve the problems of mankind by arranging flowers; we cannot turn back the tides of war nor set a term to the follies which provoke them. But we can bring a little peace into our own hearts, and shed a little light throughout the domestic circles in which we move and have our being.

If you can keep the conservatory ten degrees above the freezing point, you can pick arums soon after Christmas, with great benefit to your spiritual life. With even one arum in the room it is impossible to think wicked thoughts; it would be like swearing in front of a nun and if you do have a wicked thought, in spite of the arum, you must go out and have it in the hall, closing the door gently behind you.

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