Gardening Poems

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The beauty of a garden is matched only by the beauty of the carefully tended verse.

As we tend to our gardens, there are so many moments of magic and wonder. A hummingbird visits the Cardinal flower blooming just in front of us. The perfect ray of sunshine might illuminate our snapdragons, making them glow. We harvest the heirloom beans that have been passed down through the family for generations and we recall those who came before us. READ MORE

Kim Mateus


Knowing When

Knowing when to harvest a pear is like knowing when to pull in the oars gliding to a pier  READ MORE

Paper Garden

January. Restless. Hundreds of Spring hopes. Hours… and hours… and hours spent With graph paper.  READ MORE

Troy-Bilt Pony

Let the grass grow. I garden first so I choose the beast in the middle stall, the dirtivore, and leave the herbivores for another day, though I have at hand their new spark plugs, filters, grease, and oil.  READ MORE

Full Flower Moon

Now we plant for Summer: our Dorinny Sweet Corn, our Copenhagen Market Cabbage, our Provider Bush Snap Beans, our Red Cored Chantenay Carrots, our Flashy Trout Back Lettuce, our Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach,   READ MORE

Three Haiku

Planting bulbs in the shaded yard she lets the phone ring Our first garden… growing carrots and weeds   READ MORE

Star Lily

Last year I dug a pond— Heaved up roots, old wire and pots, Smoothed the deep ground, lined it, Let water flood its hold like liquid glass. Your family gave you the lily for Christmas;  READ MORE

Joy of Being

time-lapse flower, I open suddenly, spectacularly: a firework of petal and pistil of stamen and sepal, my colors no longer closed, but billowing in the breezes and bending with the bees. To live like that— what beauty! To love like that— what bliss  READ MORE

Summer Days for Me!

Winter is cold-hearted, Sping is yea and nay, Autumn is a weather cock Blown every way. Summer days for me When every leaf is on its tree. —Christina Rossetti —I found this in A Gardener’s Bouquet of Quotations, edited by Maria Polushkin Robbins (Dutton).  READ MORE

Indian Summer

Three pumpkins hunker on the front porch steps yellow leaves litter the sidewalk patter end over end into a pile when the wind blows from the north  READ MORE


Across the lightness of winter rabbit tracks and remnants of foliage sketching the air Joe Pye Weed suddenly skimpy, thin as a starving starlet its lacy lavender a memory to savor.   READ MORE

I Wanted the Spring for You

I wanted the Spring for You, That time when the Earth is black with warmth, When your hand connects with the Dirt and you know it is time. That day when the rains are gone  READ MORE

Picking Limas

We work together side by side, sashaying deftly in and out, the bee tracing his petaled prize while I probe leaves for mine. He settles into golden dust, my palm surrounds the swollen beans—as we pack our pouches full.  READ MORE


The forecaster says, “This time I really mean it, frost everywhere, not just in colder valleys.” And the weather seems to mean it, too. The clear day has that steel  READ MORE

Uncommon Names

Aunt Murgatroid is picky Over what we call her plants! And though she’s always fussing, She’s the best of all our aunts.  READ MORE
people gathered around a harvest

Garden Meditation

Let us give thanks for a bounty of people. For children who are our second planting, and though they grow like weeds and the wind too soon blows them away, may they forgive us our cultivation and fondly remember where their roots are.  READ MORE

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