Gardening with Kids

Collection Notes

Gardening with kids can be an adventure, as the stories in this collection attest.

Gardening with kids can be educational, fun, frustrating, and humorous, but it’s always an adventure. Younger kids can dig or just enjoy being outside in the fresh air. Older kids can learn about weeding, how to know when a vegetable is ripe, or the difference between a honeybee and a wasp. READ MORE

Bill Dugan


Charlotte’s Garden

If I close my eyes, I can see my grandmother tending her glorious San Francisco Bay Area garden on a sunny afternoon. I am four years old, wearing an oversized bonnet and holding a little watering can.  READ MORE

The Great Tomato Fight of 1957

Warm and fuzzy were not two adjectives used to describe my grandmother. With two rocks in her apron pocket, she might have tipped the scales at 100 pounds.   READ MORE

My Dinosaur Bromeliad

Hey, Mom,” my nine-year-old son Andy called to me from the living room. “Brett wants to know about your new plant. What is it?”  READ MORE

Cambodian Flower

Lea was 9 years old when she was adopted into our family. A mere three days after she came to the United States from Cambodia in November, it snowed. Long Island, New York, isn’t known for its snow, so this was quite a surprise dusting for us natives.  READ MORE

Mrs. Fortin’s Garden

I grew up in Southern California during the 1950s. My father proudly built our square little bungalow alongside several others in a row on Moorpark Street in Los Angeles.   READ MORE

Secret Sunflowers

My cell phone buzzed. It was the Realtor again. What will it be this time? Good news or bad? “Hi, Betty,” I answered, bracing myself for news of another fallen contract. “We have a closing date. Start packing!” said Betty. She knew how badly I needed to sell.  READ MORE

The Little School Garden That Didn’t

I really don’t think I should be the person teaching young children to garden.” These were the words I said when I was asked to serve as the Garden Leader at the Georgia elementary school where I teach. In past years, a skilled Master Gardener had told the students exactly when and how to tend the lovely vegetation that graced the children’s raised beds.  READ MORE

Changing Gardens

No one should ever sell a house. I’m serious—it’s pure misery and stress, from listing all the way through to closing (Don’t even get me started on buying.READ MORE

Tiny Gardeners

The theme of today’s program, as you probably guessed, is gardening. Our first story, a rhythmic romp about planting seeds, inspires a chorus of enthusiastic voices. Once we finish the story, we sing a catchy song about seeds. Twenty tiny gardeners sing...  READ MORE

How to Farm With Children

Pregnancy—Keep working outside every day. When feeling nauseated in the Spring, slowly pick and munch on raw kale buds while working and hope it’s nutrition your body needs. When it gets hot in the Summer, work in the morning, but seek shade in the afternoons.  READ MORE

Dandelions For Sale

The year was 1962. My dad and I were standing on our front lawn. Arms crossed, he surveyed the scene before him, a grim look on his face. “These weeds are a menace,” he pronounced, as if our front yard had become the beachhead for a botanical invasion.  READ MORE

Pull, I Mean, Push!

I was 9-1/2 years old in April, 1970 when my family moved from our two-bedroom home on a tiny city lot to a brick foursquare on three acres of land. It was a compromise between my urban-raised Dad and my farm-raised Mom.  READ MORE

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