What People Say

Your magazine is
a garden for the eyes . . .
It seems like
an old friend
coming to call.

- Wendy Belaski, Clarks Summit, PA

The GREATEST reading
for gardeners that has ever been-
or ever will be-published!

- Phil Cochran, Alpharetta, GA

Our staff’s
favorite magazine!

- Kent Whealy, Director, The Seed Savers Exchange

I just received my first issue of GreenPrints
and I wasn’t even completely through with it before I decided
I needed each and every back issue!
Your magazine is superlative.
I’m delighted to have found it!

- Debi Lionetti, Stamford, CT

A hyacinth
for the soul.

- Donna Reichmuth, Eden Prairie, MN

Last spring I lost my dad. He suffered a great deal. I had an even greater need than usual to fling myself into the garden to try to find some peace. GreenPrints also helped, because I had a huge stack of back issues to reread. The many stories that deal with how we can find healing in our gardens helped me tremendously. Thank you for helping me be a better, stronger person. GreenPrints is a seed, always bringing beauty to my life.

- Mamie B. Rock, New London, CT

The writing

- Fine Gardening

How could I ever do without my GreenPrints?
Back in 2000 when I first discovered this treasure,
I believed every magazine had to instruct
rather than nourish.
Now I read each issue with abandon,
as if I were biting into a tomato
fresh from the garden
and allowing the juice to
run down my fingers.

- Julie Bogguss, Charlotte, NC

GreenPrints has been
an important part of my life
for almost 20 years.
The inspiring, wonderful stories
helped me cope through some tough years.
It is a joy.

- Marie Wing, Camillus, NY

The best and funniest garden writing
in the country . . .
Anyone who can read ‘Sanguinaria’ in the Winter issue
without getting goosebumps,
they probably can’t get goosebumps.

- Dick Tracy, Sacramento Bee