GreenPrints #102, Summer 2015


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“Dog Woes”, “Zucchinni Boo-Boo”, “Gnomes”, “Who Would Talk to the Plants?”, “Scaping Lessons” … and more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • Picking Corn My Dad wanted it fresh. Very fresh.
  • Fauna in the Flora How we learned a (no-fence) way to keep our dog out of our garden.
  • “Little Plants, Are You Thirsty?” Memories of Grandpa.
  • Scaping Lessons When it came to garlic, I thought I knew all there was to know.
  • Battered Zucchini Nothing was going to get my crop—except me.
  • Fair Play How could I not enter the county fair? It’s just too much fun!
  • Saved by the Arugula At last! Mike McGrath has a gardening success story!
  • Gnomes These cute garden ornaments have a not-so-charming past.
  • A Hosta for Mrs. Malloy A minor miracle in my garden.
  • Meadow Keep Four enchanting poems about herbs and their lore.
  • Lawns Let’s cut them—and cut back on them.
  • Summer on a Dime The day I hired—and unhired—an expert for my garden.
  • Who Would Talk to the Plants? A remarkable garden story from India.
  • Growing Up with GreenPrints, Part III The children of Your Editor report on life with a magazine in the house.
  • From Pea to Pod Life lessons, in a garden.

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