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GreenPrints letter logoFrom the desk of Bill Dugan, Editor & Publisher

When I first laid eyes on an issue of GreenPrints Magazine, I was in awe. After years of reading gardening media, I had never come across anything so heartfelt, so moving, so raw, and so real.

And when I started delving into all the content and connecting with the audience, I realized that GreenPrints is a special community, bonded together by a love of gardening and storytelling. And when you read our stories, you’ll benefit, too:

  • You’ll have fun. Reading GreenPrints stories takes you away from the daily drudgery—and gives you a great sense of fun and adventure!
  • You’ll smile and laugh. Whether it’s a cheery chuckle or a full-belly laugh, you’re certain to find funny content in GreenPrints stories.
  • You’ll be inspired. With heartfelt tales of people, places, animals, plants, and life in general, GreenPrints sparks you to hope and dream and to live life to the fullest.
  • You’ll feel better. Now more than ever, you need the salve for the soul that GreenPrints delivers as restorative mental therapy.

And the icing on the cake is all the delightful and entertaining artwork that comes with GreenPrints—all original drawings and artwork, especially commissioned for each story. Every time I look at one of the pieces of artwork, I realize it’s just pure, plain fun!

In creating and publishing GreenPrints, my colleagues and I bring decades of gardening and storytelling experience to the table. All of us are passionate about gardening—and we all love a good story.

Photo of Pat StoneFounding Editor Pat Stone started GreenPrints more than 32 years ago, and his vision for a funny, entertaining, and inspirational publication lives on. Pat’s unique storytelling and keen eye for great content is remarkable, and we continue to get his help putting together every single issue.

Photo of Kate BruzziManaging Editor Kate Bruzzi is a skilled creative director and project manager, working closely with our artists to produce beautiful art for each issue. Kate brings a love of gardening and storytelling—plus a ton of experience as mom to her daughter Willow—to her role with GreenPrints.

Photo of Amanda MacArthurDaily Editor Amanda MacArthur manages a large food, herb, and edible flower garden at her home in western Massachusetts. As a best-selling cookbook author and mom to daughter Ruby, Amanda loves to spend her summers creating multi-sensory flower gardens that are both beautiful and delicious. She is deeply engaged with the gardening community and hand-picks her favorite GreenPrints stories to share with you every day.

bill dugan headshotFinally, I have a lifetime interest in gardening, storytelling, and writing. My schoolteacher father tended a vast food and flower garden at home, teaching me and my seven siblings how to garden. And my mother was an award-winning essayist and writer of poems and stories. Gardening and storytelling have been a family affair my entire life!

If you want to join all the fun at GreenPrints, check out everything we have to offer, and I’m sure you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was when I read my first issue of the magazine.

Yours for fun with gardening stories,

Bill Dugan signature

Bill Dugan
Editor & Publisher

P.S. Thank you for reading my note and visiting GreenPrints–get FREE access right now to Gardening Humor—a sampler of funny gardening stories and my FREE gift to you for visiting our website right now!


“Thank you, GreenPrints family, for providing calm, joy, and wisdom in these crazy times.”

— Lee Ann Hawkins, Marion, IN

“I laugh so hard tears stream down my face!”

— Sierra Butler, Carmel, CA

“I kiss each issue when it arrives!”

— Ruby Wylie, Wichita, KS

“If I had to eat nothing but rice for three months, I would not go without my GreenPrints!”

— Jane Watson, Novi, MI

“GreenPrints is a balm to my soul. I carry it with me everywhere.”

— Olya Williams, Jacksonville, AL

“This is the most amount of joy one can give for this amount of money!”

— Sonja Razey, Sagle, ID

GreenPrints is the only magazine I subscribe to. We used to get at least 20!”

— Gisela Parmelee, Guilford, CT

“Fabulous! Best Little Book Ever.”

— Donna Bolte, Butler, PA

“I’m renewing for three years. I’m not sure I’ll be around in three years. But I want to make sure you are!”

— Susan Ward, Middleton, WI

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