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Weeder’s Digest: The Best of GreenPrints. Get this book with 40 of the best gardening stories from the first five years of GreenPrints Magazine (1990-95). These early gems are timeless and will have you laughing, smiling, and thinking! Makes a great gift for a gardener in your life, too! Paperback book, 40 stories, 193 pages.

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Weeder’s Digest: The Best of GreenPrints is the best of the best from the early years (1990-95) of GreenPrints Magazine. Written by some of the top garden essayists of our time, this collection of 40 stories is a joyous, perplexing, humorous, and poignant look at the relationship between people and plants.

When you read the stories in this book, you’ll experience the joy, the humor, and the frustration that are wrapped up in the heart of gardening. You’ll relish the essence of these stories that sing with tenderness, shimmer with hard-won wisdom, and reveal heartfelt vision.

Together with 60 specially commissioned illustrations, these 40 stories are organized by seasons of the year and include:


  • “On the Art of Gardening”
  • “The Best of Mornings”
  • “My Ninety Acres”
  • And 7 more super Spring stories!


  • “The Joy of NonGardening”
  • “The Green Man”
  • “The Facts of Fruit”
  • And 7 more soothing Summer stories!


  • “Give Me Valium”
  • “A Garden is to Grow”
  • “Horticultural Virginity”
  • And 7 more fabulous Fall stories!


  • “The Occasional Garden”
  • “The Fall of Winter”
  • “Weeds Are Us”
  • And 7 more wonderful Winter stories!

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“… the best and funniest writing about the peculiar art of gardening …”
Dick Tracy, The Sacramento Bee

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