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From the fascinating story of “The Green Man” to the humorous tale, “The Joy of NONgardening,” this anthology contains the 40 best pieces from the first five years of GreenPrints magazine–with over 60 illustrations! Paperback.




Weeder’s Digest
From “Bill, the Garden Cat,” By Duane Campbell

Bill died this summer. He went softly, with the dignity that was so surprisingly a part of him. Oh, we’ve lost pets before, and we will again, and it always hurts. But this elderly stray was indefinably special. He slept with my daughter, watched TV with my wife, but he was my buddy, my garden cat, and I’ll miss him.

There are those who resent cats in their garden. As a newspaper columnist, the most frequent question I get is how to keep them out. But those people love their gardens too much, and they miss a larger vision of love. If a genie offered me three wishes for the gardeners of the world, those wishes would be for a prosperous garden, a fine cat to share it with, and a good shovel with a very long handle.

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