Great Garden Quotes: A Coloring Book With Wit, Wisdom, & Heart



Crafty Garden Coloring Book for Adults! The most beautiful, fun, and inspiring garden coloring book ever made! One-of-a-kind paperback coloring book allows you to create your own beautiful works of art. Finished pieces can be framed and hung in your home or office—they make great gifts, too!

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Great Garden Quotes: A Coloring Book With Wit, Wisdom, & Heart is a fun book that lets you enjoy the calming feeling of gardening when you sit down and color one of the pages. Only available from GreenPrints, here is what you get in this unique coloring book:

  • Beautiful, inspiring, and humorous art and quotations
  • 69 works of gorgeous garden art
  • Art from 20 different illustrators
  • 8” X 10” individual pages that are perforated near the spine for easy removal
  • Suitable for framing, laminating—or just hang them on your refrigerator with kitchen magnets!

Here is how you might turn one of these black-and-white pages into your own colorful masterpiece:

blank coloring sheet colored sheet

Essential tools for finishing your piece of art:

  • Dual-Tip Colored Markers: No-bleed markers that are fine-tipped, allowing you to draw with 34 vibrant colors—in broad brush strokes with one end of the marker, and in exact detail within the lines using the fine tip at the other end of each marker.
  • Colored Pencils: 72 vibrant coloring pencils, specially designed for adult coloring books—easy-to-sharpen and velvety-soft pencils allow for blending and layering to produce vivid colors. Protective tube provides secure and easy storage.
  • Laminator Kit: For more durable artwork, consider laminating the finished coloring pages with a thermal laminator kit.
  • Picture Frames: If you want to hang your finished artwork on the wall in a frame or place them on your desk or a table, please consider some complementary picture frames.
  • Kitchen Magnets: For hanging your finished artwork on your refrigerator, please check out these colorful glass kitchen magnets to spice up your kitchen and enjoy your masterpieces daily!

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