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Sammy Gets Married!


THIS past Labor Day Saturday, Sept. 3, our third child, Samantha, got married to Roger Knight. I can’t tell you how excited the whole family is. Roger is a fine young man, very talented with building (need a special treehouse?), woodworking, and computers. More important, he’s honest, warm, sincere—and dedicated to making his relationship with Sammy work. We were only too happy to finally officially welcome him to the family. (We’ll even forgive him for taking our nurse daughter off to live in Louisville!)

To make things more special, they were married 300 yards from our house, at Hickory Nut Gap Farm. The wedding was, of course, beautiful. And it was filled with so many distinct, Sammy-and-Roger touches that it was particularly personal and meaningful. (How many couples have Mom sing “Being Alive” from “Company”—and their rehearsal dinner at a movie theatre?)

Pictures! Enjoy!


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