GreenPrints 052, Winter 2002-2003

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My New Year’s Garden, On Turning 40, Is Plant Pinching OK?, Grandma’s Garden, Our National Poet in his Garden, Flower Show Virgin . . . and much more!




nygMy New Year’s Garden
I planted too much anger and resentment last year. This year . . .
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40On Turning 40

Sensitive about it? Me?!

Garden Noir
A garden mystery story.

grandmaGrandma’s Garden
And my return to it.

garbageTaking the Garbage Out
In winter. In Maine. In misery.

Let Me Tell You About Yourself
Notes from a nongardener

poetA Poet in His Garden
A visit with Stanley Kunitz, America’s Poet Laureate.

Goodbye Deck, Hellloooo, Peaches!
Mike McGrath has another amazing (mis)adventure.

lindaLinda’s Seeds
What better way to remember a friend?

Green Thumb, Light Fingers
When is it OK to take cuttings—or plants?

virginFlower Show Virgin
“You want us to go where?” he asked.

The Season of Simplicity
Winter, the time to reflect.

mindSpringtime in the Mind
It all starts in a greenhouse,
on a snowy day.


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