GreenPrints 070, Summer 2007

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Gardening By The Moon, Eco-Friendly Flowers, Magic Zinnias, The Perfect Garden Hose (until . . .), Fruit of the Gods, Little Boys and Gardens, . . . and more!




daisiesOne Million Daisies
For my mother. A story of love.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

First Fruit
That unforgettable first garden reward.

hoseThe Perfect Garden Hose
It was. It really was. Until . . .

“They Practically Grow Themselves!”
My Father and His Father’s Garden Feud.

lunarLunar Gardening
Common Sense? Or Lunacy?

A baby bird seeks its parents,
as we seek our son.

Fruit of the Gods
Strawberries have long been treasured.

The Little Willow That Could
In spite of Mike McGrath’s (unintentional) attempts to kill it.

planterThe Heart of the Planter
A teaching from a transient.

Gardens of His Mind
His garden is whichever one he sees in his mind
. . . as he gazes through prison bars.

eco1Eco-Friendly Flowers
Can the flower industry clean up its act?
From Flower Confidential (click the title for more).

Tale of a Sale
Need a daisy rake? Blunk knife? Dibble?
They’re bargain-priced!

zinniasMagic Zinnias
The old gardener had a secret.
But it was time to pass it on.

Little Boys and Gardens
A, uh, lively combination.


. . . including . . .

Gardeners spend half their time on their knees
and the other half trying to get up.


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