GreenPrints 075, Autumn 2008

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Garden Helps Adoption, Half a Billion Leaves, Lost Gardens, Mulch Madness, Garden Aerobics, Lured By a Venus Fly Trap, County Fair Mania . . . and more!




cucumberThe Special Cucumber
How a garden helped a couple adopt two children.
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Half a Billion Leaves
And one bamboo rake.

The Gift of Four Persimmons
My beautiful—miraculous—fall harvest.

fairCounty Fair
Step right up. Enter your garden!

Small Potatoes
The bad—and the good—of the common spud.

Best Friends Forever
“What happened?” I asked. She didn’t answer.

Lost Gardens
What happens to gardens?

The Birds & the Bees
Mike McGrath’ has good fun with both.

In Praise of Paint
Accidentally adding to the colors of the season.

mulchmadnessMulch Madness
Overdo it, you may pay the price.

Garden Aerobics
Even in her nineties, my mother and her garden kept on going.

Squash Bomb

venusflytrapVenus Fly Trap
He found himself in a very sticky situation.

Need a Garden
And—just maybe—a house to go with it.


. . . including . . .

When at last I took the time
to look into the heart of a flower,
it opened up a whole new world . . .
as if a window had been opened
to let in the sun.

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