GreenPrints 092, Winter, 2012-13

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The Rose Bed Fairy, Pittsburgh Petunias, World War Squirrel, Too Hooked on Gardening, Stink Bugs and Me, Adventures in the Orchid Trade  . . . and much more!




snowA Grown-Up’s Snow Day
Watching my garden sleep.

fairyThe Rose Bed Fairy
My grandfather and I shared a special secret.
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petuniasPittsburgh Petunias!
Plant some for the home team.

The Saga of Soap
The story of something every gardener needs.

feverSpring Fever
An excerpt from a new book on
why gardeners garden.

Blue Zones
The USDA plant hardiness map has changed.
Should we?

squirrelWorld War Squirrel
The Big Birdfeeder Battle.

Stink Bugs and Me
Mike McGrath has another zany adventure.

hookedToo Hooked on Gardening?
Suffering from gardening addiction?
Here’s what to do.

Elmer’s Odyssey
A tale of a fish. And of faith.

shedThe Garden Shed
That brought us back together.

Growing Together
A single dad finds home . . . in a garden.

booksHeating with Books
A cold winter and a furnace that needed fuel.
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orchidAdventures in the Orchid Trade
Stories from behind the nursery lines.


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