Mystical Gardens

Mystical gardens aren’t just for fantasy stories and foggy tales. They really do exist, as these stories attest.

Gardens have long been a setting for folktales and lore. Hidden there among the rocks and flowers and underneath the grasses are all manner of magical creatures. Mystical gardens appear in fantasy novels, along with elves, fairies, and gnomes.

Sometimes the garden itself is magic, with trees that come alive at night or hedges that mysteriously open and close new paths.

These tales are all pretend, though. Or are they? Sure, you’ll find stories here about bogarts and portals to other dimensions. You might also find that some stories about mystical gardens are true, like the Scottish Lot that nature decided to take back over. 

There might even be a true tale about garden tools that come alive at night and do all your weeding for you? (Okay, maybe not that last one, but wouldn’t that be a fabulous way for some mystical gardens to show their presence?)

No matter how you look at it, gardens are special places, filled with mystery and secrets. What lies beneath those pumpkin vines? What will we find if you move through a forest of sunflowers? Perhaps these stories will give us a hint of what to expect in our own mystical gardens. 

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as we have enjoyed putting them together. Might I suggest a cup of hot tea and a comfortable spot to read? And don’t worry about that noise you hear coming from the garden.

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Feel free to stay a while and enjoy all the mystical gardens stories we have to share below. And be sure to check out our Mystical Gardens Collection while you’re here, which features a hand-picked selection of our favorite stories from this category.

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In a tranquil hamlet, cradled by undulating hills and sprawling meadows, a woman named Sarah resided. Renowned for her captivating garden, it concealed a poignant narrative that transcended generations and ... Read More 

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