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Take advantage of this FREE December Gardening Calendar and enjoy beautiful illustrations with just the right amount of fun!

Dear Gardener,

If you’re at all like me, one of the reasons you love your garden is because it offers respite from the noise of the world. Time in the garden means time to enjoy the simple pleasure of getting your hands into the dirt or admiring the bees as they work steadily across a patch of clover, stopping momentarily on each flower. Gardening is a chance to put things into perspective, whether it’s running a household or parenting responsibilities or work deadlines.

It can be a lot to keep up with. And even though I have a calendar on my phone, the truth is that I prefer to write things down with a pen. On an actual calendar. No codes to enter. No scrolling across a little screen. That’s why we put together this printable December Gardening Calendar.

I print out the monthly calendar, hang it in my kitchen or my shed, and then everything is right there in black and white (and color). I can glance over at my calendar and see what’s coming up throughout the week all while I’m moving a spider plant to a larger container or repairing a broken pot.

In fact, I like it enough that I want to share it with you.

This December Gardening Calendar features one of my favorite pieces of seasonal GreenPrints artwork, a quote from a past issue, all the important dates for the month, plus plenty of room to write down whatever you want! Your dinner menu? No problem. Appointments? You got it. When you put your bulbs in the ground? There’s room for that, too!

How to Use your Printable December Gardening Calendar

This is the easy part, because you can really use your calendar however you like. Download and print it, then you can laminate it or use it as is. I find the artwork quite delightful and might even cut it out when I’m done and frame mine!

Oh! And did I mention – it’s free! That’s a deal you can’t beat! Download our December Gardening Calendar today, and enjoy the relaxation that comes with knowing you’re organized and ready for the days ahead!

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