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Cultivating and nurturing roses can be incredibly rewarding, as you watch them grow from tiny buds to full, colorful flowers. Not only do roses add beauty and fragrance to your garden, but they also attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. With a wide variety of rose types and colors to choose from, you can create a garden that reflects your personal style and preferences. And with the right care and attention, your rose garden can provide you with stunning blooms year after year, making it a joy to behold and a source of pride.

To help you get the most out of your rose garden, and narrow down your choices, out of thousands of varieties, download our Rose Garden Planting Chart. This guide provides tips and guidelines for planting your roses, but I think the most helpful part of it, is the many hours put into narrowing down all the roses in the world into nine varieties that are beautiful, but also winter-hardy and disease resistant!

In the chart, you’ll discover nine varieties of roses. There are three main types of roses: Old Garden Roses, Wild Roses, and Modern Roses, and many types of varietals within them.

Old Garden Roses, also known as heirloom roses, are a diverse group of roses that were in cultivation before 1867. They include roses that were bred in Europe and Asia and are known for their fragrance, disease resistance, and overall hardiness.

Wild Roses are the species of roses that are found growing naturally in the wild. They are typically simple, single-petaled flowers with a delicate fragrance, and they come in a range of colors. Wild Roses are important because they serve as the genetic foundation for many of the modern rose varieties that we have today.

Modern Roses are the result of hybridization and breeding efforts that began in the late 19th century. They are typically classified into several groups based on their characteristics, such as Hybrid Tea roses, Floribunda roses, and Grandiflora roses. Modern Roses are known for their larger, more complex blooms, their ability to repeat bloom, and their disease resistance. They come in a wide range of colors and are a popular choice for both gardeners and commercial growers alike.

There are more than a dozen subtypes of Old Garden Roses, Wild Roses, and Modern Roses, but we have selected nine, in the subtypes of Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Climbing, Shrub, Grandiflora, Miniature, Groundcover, Alba, and Hedge. Technically, some, like climbing roses are also a type of other rose, like a Floribunda, but they’re so distinctly different in growing habit, we’ve separated them for this purpose.

We also chose many different colors, from pale yellow to white, deep red, plum, and variegated coral. There are no similar roses in this list, except that they all require the same growing conditions: full sun, and moist, loamy, well-drained soil. That means if you have the right conditions, you could plant every single variety of rose in this Rose Garden Planting Chart!

So, which variety is right for you? Get your FREE Rose Garden Planting Chart now and find out!

How to Use your Printable Rose Garden Planting Chart.

This printable Rose Garden Planting Chart lists nine varieties of roses that can be grown for many purposes: from climbing to hedges to bouquets. For example, if you’re looking for roses with ruffles, you’ll find a coral-colored variety with 4-inch wide blooms! And if you prefer something to grow as a hedge, there’s one included with beautiful deep red blooms!

Along with this frame-worthy chart, you also get rose planting tips, with planting information that can help you grow your roses, so you can enjoy evocative blooms in every color of the rainbow.

When it comes to wistfully fragrant and beautiful gardens, roses are some of the most magical flowers around. They smell amazing, can bloom for full seasons, and help feed the natural world around us, while they also feed our spirits. Get this chart, for FREE, and decide which varieties of roses you want to grow. Your rose garden is just one printable Rose Garden Planting Chart away!

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