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Enjoy the spectacular drama that a stand of gorgeous Sunflowers brings to the garden with this printable Sunflower Garden Planting Chart.

Dear Gardener,

As much as I love the colors and designs of any flower garden, there’s not much that catches the eye like a stand of Sunflowers. The bold, contrasting yellows, blacks, oranges, and reds remind us of a morning sky as the sun rises over the horizon. Sunflowers stand tall above the garden with blooms that defy gravity and kindle our sense of wonder. They attract songbirds, butterflies, and bees to their rich buffet of seeds and nectar. The drama Sunflowers bring to any garden is without compare. And now you can bring this wonder to your garden with this printable Sunflower Garden Planting Chart.

Sunflowers aren’t just a pretty face in your garden, though. You can enjoy roasted Sunflower seeds, some varieties are deer-resistant, they can shade parts of your garden that don’t like direct sunlight, they can become a natural fence or privacy border, or they can become a striking centerpiece for your dinner table.

And if you don’t have the outdoor space, there’s a Sunflower for you, too. While some varieties of Sunflowers can reach heights of 12 to 15 feet, with blooms more than a foot wide, other varieties are bred specifically to thrive in containers on your balcony or deck. The adorably named Teddy Bear Sunflowers top out at 3 feet, with the cutest little three-inch blooms.

So, which variety is right for you? Get your FREE Sunflower Garden Planting Chart now and find out!

How to Use your Printable Sunflower Garden Planting Chart.

This printable Sunflower Garden Planting Chart lists nine varieties of Sunflowers for several different garden conditions and plans. For example, if you’re looking for some of the tallest Sunflowers you can find, with remarkable blooms that can measure 14 inches across, try the appropriately named Skyscraper Sunflowers. And if you prefer something for your balcony that will bloom all season long, the Little Becka Sunflowers might be a better option.

Along with this frame-worthy chart, you also get Sunflower planting tips, with planting and watering information that can help you grow your Sunflowers, so you can enjoy evocative blooms with rich, instantly recognizable colors.

When it comes to magical gardens, Sunflowers are some of the most magical flowers around. They help feed the natural world around us, while they also feed our spirits. Get this chart, for FREE, and decide which varieties of Sunflowers you want to grow. Your garden will be better for it!

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