FREEBIE: Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit–get this FREE Sampler download now!

Enjoy the essence of all the seasons, all year long. Download this FREEBIE Sampler Kit of GreenPrints ArtPrints now, and get beautiful reminders of all the seasons at your fingertips!

Dear Gardener & Art Lover,

If you like all the seasons and want to be reminded of each one whenever you desire, the GreenPrints FREEBIE Sampler, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, is for you! Because with this FREEBIE Sampler download, you get four gorgeous and colorful pieces of gardening art—each one represents a different season of the year.

Original artwork commissioned especially for GreenPrints, these printable ArtPrints include colorful and delightful drawings and thought-provoking quotations that help you enjoy the essence of all the seasons.

Let’s say it’s the middle of January, and you’re yearning for a hint of Spring or Summer. Just spend a few minutes admiring your GreenPrints Spring or Summer ArtPrints, and your spirits will be lifted.

Likewise, in the dog days of Summer, perhaps you start thinking about the beauty of Autumn or Winter—and everything those seasons mean about being thankful, caring, and hopeful. Bingo! Take a few moments to view your Autumn or Winter ArtPrints, and you’re certain to feel “in the season.”

Please download this GreenPrints FREEBIE Sampler, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, now to get started with enjoying all the seasons—all year long!

Get Your Winter ArtPrint Now!

Winter evokes the season of happiness and holidays … of hope and renewal … of contemplation and generosity. With your Winter ArtPrint in this Collection Kit, you get a colorful and meaningful piece of gardening art, an image that’s complete with a holiday bow! Print, then frame or hang on your refrigerator to remind yourself of the reasons for this season. Plus, a quotation from acclaimed actress Helen Hayes is spot on! Download the Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit to claim your Winter ArtPrint now!

Get Your Spring ArtPrint Now!

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, and your Spring ArtPrint will certainly get you in springtime spirits. With this ArtPrint, you’ll immediately be transported to a field of flowers that oozes with sweet-smelling plants. This colorful ArtPrint is accompanied by a hopeful and inspirational quotation from notable American botanist Luther Burbank. If you like Spring, you’ll love this magnificent ArtPrint. Download the printable FREEBIE, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, to claim your Spring ArtPrint now!

Get Your Summer ArtPrint Now!

Summer loving and having some fun? Get this Summer ArtPrint, and you’ll be reminded of how summer is the season of love and romance. And discover that love amidst the plants in the lovely garden depicted in this original artwork! This Summer ArtPrint is accompanied by some catchy lyrics from musical geniuses Paul McCartney and John Lennon of The Beatles fame. Download the printable FREEBIE, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, to claim your Summer ArtPrint right now!

Get Your Autumn ArtPrint Now!

Autumn is a season of transition—and it comes with the unique colors of Mother Nature in our gardens! With this Autumn ArtPrint, you get the essence of the cool crisp air and the reminders of the changing seasons. Accompanied with a compelling quotation from insightful French philosopher Albert Camus, this Autumn ArtPrint is perfect for hanging in your home or office! Download the printable FREEBIE, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, to claim your Autumn ArtPrint right now!

Start Crafting to Enhance Your ArtPrints!

With this printable FREEBIE, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, you get an easy-to-use kit for enjoying beautiful artwork. It’s simple, it’s fun, and these unique ArtPrints each depict a different season of the year—yours to frame and display in your home or office; to gift to a loved one for a special occasion; or to post on your refrigerator with magnets, so you can enjoy the beauty daily.

All you need to create these meaningful and inspirational ArtPrints is paper and a printer. You can jazz them up with specialty paper, picture frames, or kitchen magnets—even laminate them for long-lasting use.

And this Collection Kit gives you all the instructions and recommended materials for producing these beautiful ArtPrints right at home. Try it yourself—or make it a project with your child or grandchild. And if you don’t want to get too fancy, you can always just print these delightful ArtPrints for yourself and pin them on a bulletin board in your home or office—it’s that easy!

Download this printable FREEBIE, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit, to claim your FREE gorgeous artwork right now!

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Amanda MacArthur
Daily Editor

P.S. Act now to download this printable GreenPrints FREEBIE Sampler, Seasonal ArtPrints Collection Kit—you’ll be delighted with this fun kit for creating your own beautiful works of gardening art!

P.P.S. And remember that you can print as many versions of these ArtPrints as you want—a set for yourself and another set for gifting to someone you love! Unlimited gorgeousness for you now!


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