GreenPrints 090, Summer 2012

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Of Wheelchairs and Hoses, Give Up Gardening?, Sad Pansy Faces, The Year I Learned to Can, Return of the Garden Cat, Suscipe . . . and much more!




hosesOf Wheelchairs and Hoses
You think hose hassles drive YOU crazy?

Brown Paper Bag
The gift from my dear old uncle’s garden.

truckTruck Garden
Actually, truck IN the garden!

fatchanceFat Chance
What I learned about gardening the day my back gave out.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

daisiesOf Daisies, Fibonacci, and Fish Ice Cream
Gardening and math DO go together.

Return of the Garden Cat
Life in the garden—from the feline’s point of view.

canThe Year I Learned to Can
Boiling beans into the wee, wee hours.

The tale of a cherished cherry tree.

monkeyThe Monkey Garden
The moment a girl’s life changed.

Two Trees Walk into a Bar . . . .
It’s summer! Time for Mike McGrath’s
hysterical Christmas Tree story!

vegEat It or Admire It?
Should gardens be pretty, practical—or both?
A historical perspective.

Sad Pansy Faces
How Granny used a flower to stop my sister’s (and my) crying.

dannyDanny’s Tree
For the brother I never knew.

nannaNana and the Bunny
The day I saw the other side of my grandmother.

A Benedictine hermit asks God to uphold her
—when the Japanese beetles invade.


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