GreenPrints 065, Spring 2006

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My Fairy Garden, Spring Plant Exchange, Gardening Attention-Deficit Syndrome, Faces in the Flowers, The Man Who Thought He Was a Tree, Milk Jug Garden, Catbird in the Strawberries, Surrender, Parsley and Caterpillars . . . and more!




gaddGardening Attention-Deficit Syndrome
It started when I was going to set out my basil . . .
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fairyMy Fairy Garden
And the magic it worked.

Milk Jug Garden
Learning how to grow milk, maids, air conditioners
—and friends.

Spring Plant Exchange
How to quickly empty a room full of plants.

treemanThe Man Who Thought He Was a Tree
From A Field Guide to Imaginary Trees.

parsleyParsley and Caterpillars
Sometimes it’s hard to have both.

The Nutcracker
Mike McGrath finds the black walnut a tough nut to crack.

facesFaces in the Flowers
My mom’s, my daughter’s, my . . . .

Tears and Soil
A place to mourn.

business“I Eat What I Grow!”
The new business success model?
Be like a plant.

Optimism in April?
The month that separates the upbeat from the down.

Catbird in the Strawberries
Reaching an understanding with my
winged garden companion.

Where’re the Tomato Plants?
Don’t you really mean, “Where’s the cow manure?”

Gardening and control.


. . . including . . .

God created ferns to show
what he could do with leaves.

—Henry David Thoreau

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