GreenPrints #109, Spring 2017


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“My Row of 2000”, “I Hate Cutting Grass”, “The Botanical Magician”, “An Injured Goose”, “A Dish Best Not Served”, “The Hidden Life of Trees” … and much, much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • My Row of 2,000 Planting a field of tomatoes or getting my nails ready for a wedding: Which is more important?
  • I Hate Cutting Grass So I taught my mower to do it for me!
  • The Survivor Even thought it spent a year in a box, this little daffodil bulb bloomed … years later!
  • The Botanical Magician That was my dad. And his best trick was on us.
  • An Injured Goose Why I decided it was better for her to leave her be.
  • Get to Stay Never name a stray plant, or–like a stray pet–it may …
  • The Plant That Was Held Prisoner Another wacky gardening adventure by former Organic Gardening Editor Mike McGrath
  • Poor Little Hearts? What does a gardener do with aging chickens–write poems to them?
  • Help! I’m a gardener. With a problem.
  • A Dish Best Not Served For me, that’s true–of revenge and spinach.
  • My Most Hated Vegetable Lima beans don’t want us to eat them. They want us dead.
  • Taking a Moment To Be Still Sometimes we forget.
  • Black-Eyed Suzies Losing Mom and Dad.
  • The Hidden Life of Trees Trees go so far as to feed each other!
  • Why I Didn’t Want To Go To Italy Remember what Dorothy said about Kansas?

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