GreenPrints 041, Spring 2000

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OUR BIGGEST ISSUE EVER! With . . . No Time NOT to Garden, The Truth about the Patron Saint of Gardening, The Most Important Tool, Does God Walk in the Garden, Who IS Pat Stone?, The Great Snail Showdown, My Secret Gardening Origin . . . and much, much more!




timeNo Time NOT to Garden
Gardening takes—and gives—so much.

“Dahling, Your Forsythia!”
What my hairdresser taught me about plants.

fiacreSaint Fiacre Revisited
Did the patron saint of gardening also cure hemorrhoids?
Protect taxicabs? Hate women?

There’s No Tool Like . . .
Don’t YOU weed with a butter knife?

Chasing the Butterfly
Gardeners speak about the magical pull of the soil.

solaceSolace Found
How gardening—frivolous, impractical gardening—gave me back my life.

“Don’t Worry, Dear!”
I’m only going to the garden center.

toolThe Most Important Tool
. . . is a sense of humor?
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

Who IS Pat Stone?
A secret look at the man behind the mag.

The Pesticide Potato
Biotech plants: Agricultural blessing—or catastrophe?

snailThe Great Snail Showdown
Locking horns.

godDoes God Walk in the Garden?
Of religion and the spade.

My Secret Gardening Origin
Mike McGrath: Superhero Gardener!

Great GP Moments
A few (just a few!) of our favorites.

aloneFar From Alone
Gardening by myself is not a solitary occupation.

orangeMy Orange Tree
The story of a horticultural heirloom.


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