GreenPrints 054, Summer 2003

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A Simple Act of Kindness, Haiku in the Garden, “Sod It”, A Fish Called Hope, Interview with the Slug King, Garden of Understanding . . . and much more!




kindnessA Simple Act of Kindness
Sometimes it means so much.
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phoneMorning Phone Call
How could I escape?

winterBecause Winter Is Gray
Gather ye summer while ye can.

hoeHaiku in the Garden
They go together, like stem and flower.

sod“Sod It!”
An adventure with Maggie and Marge, The Gardening Fools.

fishA Fish Called Hope
And a lesson in not giving up.

Interview with the Slug King
A GreenPrints exclusive.

Led Down the Garden Path
It took me years to hear what my
garden was trying to tell me.

apartmentMy Apartment Garden
Small, temporary—but treasured.

The Rose That Rose
Tale of a trellis.

understandingGarden of Understanding
Deer, quail, squirrels, coons, songbirds
skunks—we have a deal.

My Shocking TRUE Story!
How Pat Stone Saved Mike McGrath
from the Dreaded Triple-Secret
Deadline of Doom!
pop Happy Birthday, Pop!
Coffee in hand, I go out to talk to my deceased dad
. . . in my garden.


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