GreenPrints 060, Winter, 2004-05

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A Penn Station Valentine, The Defiance of Gardeners, Mexican Fertilizer, Lord of the Rings Tomatoes, Garden Angels, Green with Envy . . . and much, much more!




valentineA Penn Station Valentine
The flowers that gave me back my dreams.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

In the Swing
A hammock, cup of tea, and GreenPrints . . .
in winter?

strawberryThe Strawberry Garden in My Mind
Now all I had to do was figure it out!

defianceOn the Defiance of Gardeners
From Henry Mitchell’s classic collection,
The Essential Earthman

pocketPocket with a Seedpod
A transplanted gardener reconnects
with her home.

Mexican Fertilizer
What happened when Dad found a strange
—and illegal—plant growing in his garden.

Of Slugs and Snails
Chickens love them. Can gardeners learn to?

mcgrathThe Great Eggshell Excess
Mike McGrath has another wacky gardening adventure.

Orchids in the Trees
Caring for plants—and others.

emptyEmpty Spaces
What the garden is when it isn’t.

lordLord of the Rings Tomatoes
How one tomatomaniac picked her varieties.

greenGreen with Envy
Gardeners are not a covetous lot.
Oh, nooooo . . .

angelGarden Angels
An excerpt from a book about gardeners who help.

Where are They, Mom?
How can I borrow your tools if . . . ?

pineChewing Pine
A starving moose and my special tree.

The Plant Pshrink
Your plants talk? Maybe you should listen.


. . .including . . .

Seeds are a tangible representation
of hope and faith. They are reminders that
the abundance of the universe is often
packaged in small, unassuming ways.

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