GreenPrints 085, Spring 2011

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Dandy Little Thing, Don’t Grow Tomatoes in the Sun, The Snail and I, Remember the Peonies, I Made the Wrong Garden!, My Mother’s Day Mistake . . . and more!




dandything Dandy Little Thing
A big man shows his love for his little plants—
and his little daughter.

onethingJust One Thing
Something was wrong with my garden.
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A look at their history—and my associations.

Don’t Ask Mom .. .
. . . what she wants for Mother’s Day!

tomatoweedMy Tomato Weed
How we worked out a compromise.

Planting the Seed
A woman with a little granddaughter and an ailing husband
finds a moment of hope.

tomatoessunDon’t Grow Tomatoes in the Sun
Gardening—and life—lessons of the islands.

The Non-Stop Mockingbird
Singing right outside my window—all night.

Dr. Worthington
The man—and gardener—who changed my life.

violasWhere’re the Violas?
Why I told my husband to drop dead—
and why it’s funny now.

Remember the Peonies
Memorial Day Boquets.

Not So Small Stuff
Something’s happening to honeybees.

snailThe Snail and I
An excerpt from a remarkable new book about a
bedridden woman and her unusual companion.

Me and My Toad
Mike McGrath recalls an amiable amphibian.


. . . including . . .

Buds Trees Go Through Me
In some mysterious way woods have never
seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms,
I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones,
they move through me.

—John Fowles

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