GreenPrints 049, Spring 2002

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What Gardeners Won’t Give, Blooming Boomers, Mama Was Right, Why Am I Doing This?, Growing Blue, A Garden Fortune Teller . . . and much more!




dreamsReaping Dreams
A time for hope.

What my garden taught me about my mother.
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goldTrue Gold
What Master Gardeners truly treasure.

Goshdarn Galoshes!
Remember them? Well, you and I
are the only ones!

lateLate Bloomers
Baby Boomers finally discover gardening. From the magazine
My Generation, by Gerri Hershey

My Friend, Procrastination
Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

potatoIf I Had Known . . .
My sour sweet-potato tale.

The Garden Fortune Teller
My garden’s future—is it bright or . . . ?

Garden Words
In England and America,
they don’t mean the same things.

911A Gardener Reflects
What I learned on September 11, 2001.

Mama’s Weeping Willow
A tree with a moral:
Fulfill your mother’s wishes, no matter what.

Why Am I Doing This?
Mike McGrath gives real tomato advice.

blueBlue for Blue
That coveted, oh-so-hard-to-grow color.

The Mother’s Day Plant Sale
The gardener hates it. The mom, however . . . .

lettuceThe Lettuce Connection
Lettuce has been a guiding star in my life,
beginning one exquisite spring morning
when I was six.


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