GreenPrints 069, Spring 2007

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The Chocolate Garden, Spiritual Gardening, Of Men and Frog Ponds, Of Women and Frog Ponds, The Youngstown Vindicator (funny!) . . . and more!




welcomeWelcome to My Garden
Learning how to say “Yes” to a garden tour.

Dandelion Day
How to celebrate spring and get the soccer field weeded
at the same time.

vindicatorThe Youngstown Vindicator
People who live in weedy gardens
shouldn’t throw speeches.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!  

A (humorous) Visit to the Ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Please do not feed the slaves.

spiritualSpiritual Gardening
A psychotherapist finds peace—and more—in her garden.

It’s Bulbs For Me
I’m going to be a no-work gardener!

menfrogsOf Men and Frog Ponds
A woman gets her way.

womenfrogsOf Women and Frog Ponds
A man complains about it.

Nothing Comes From Nothing
Lessons of spring gardening—
from an ancient Greek philosopher.

angeloPlanting Angelo
A nurse goes to her garden.

“What, Me Weed?”
A hurt shoulder keeps Mike McGrath from destroying butterfly plants.

chocolateThe Chocolate Garden
Want some Choctalius crununchius in your garden?

Growing Asparagus
I know how to. Someday I will get to.


. . . including . . .

Your first job is to prepare the soil. The best tool
for this is your neighbor’s motorized garden tiller.
If your neighbor does not own a garden tiller,
suggest that he buy one.

—Dave Berry

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