GreenPrints 078, Summer 2009

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Healing in the Garden, Talking to Butterflies, My Father’s $1,000,000 Garden, Beverley Nichols, Zucchini-tinis, Guinea Pig Weeding . . . and more!




overrainbowOver the Rainbow
A boy finds himself—in his neighbor’s garden.
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To Know This Joy
Excerpts from the new Beverley Nichols book, Rhapsody in Green.

Zucchini-tini, Anyone?
What to do with all that homegrown harvest.

perpetualsunshineThe Garden of Perpetual Sunshine
A hippie gardener tries to create utopia—by herself.

My Father’s $1,000,000 Garden
Was it going to save us a fortune . . . or cost us a fortune?

Gifts to Cherish
Healing in the garden.

Fairy Child:
My personal goblin? Mackie, the gardener.

wouldbegThe Would-Be Gardener
She had the hat, the gloves—and the foolishness.
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I Hope That I Shall Never See
Mike McGrath burn another tree!

Favorite Things
A gardener contemplates why some people like peppers—and others penguins!

guineapigFind the Guinea Pig!
A most novel weeding approach.

Watering with Dad
Evenings with memories and a hose.

Interview with the Corn Vampire
What do raccoons really think?

songbutterfliesSong of the Butterflies:
My grandfather didn’t talk to people much. He talked to . . . .


. . . including . . .

There is only one ‘basic rule’ in flower arrangement.
And that is to love the flowers, to listen to what
they have to say, to watch the way they dance,
and then to allow them to express themselves
in their own sweet way.

—Beverley Nichols

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