GreenPrints Community Membership Fund—$100


GreenPrints Community Membership Fund: Please consider donating to this fund—to help like-minded gardeners who, for whatever financial hardship, can’t afford their renewal right now. Helping each other is what GreenPrints is all about!


Thank you for donating to the GreenPrints Community Membership Fund! Your donation and support enable us to help other subscribers and members who can’t afford their renewal right now. Some long-term subscribers/members suffer a sudden financial crisis—unexpected medical expenses, natural disasters, or loss of a job, for example—and they just need a helping hand to keep receiving GreenPrints Magazine.

And now you can help! When you donate, you:

  • Help like-minded readers who rely on GreenPrints for uplifting stories.
  • Display, with your donation, what the caring-and-sharing community of GreenPrints is all about.
  • Become an even more valuable part of the GreenPrints family.

When your donation is added to the GreenPrints Community Membership Fund, we have access to money for renewing the subscription of struggling like-minded subscribers.

And we’ll regularly report on the status of this fund—donations received and number of subscribers helped—in GreenPrints. Please know that your donation will be put to good use!

“I made a slight overpayment to go toward a subscription you give to someone who could not afford to pay. I wish I was able to give more. Thank you all for helping those who can’t always afford to pay full price.”
—Jimmy J. Mahaffey, Jr.
Limestone, TN

“I am enclosing my payment for 2 years, but I am also enclosing an extra $20 to help cover someone that might be on limited income. I saw your little notice for someone on limited income and had never saw that before. What a nice gesture on your part. Thank you.”
—Sue Gross
Petersburg, MI

“I love everything about you! The publication, of course, but also the fact that you want readers to continue to read so much that you’re willing to work out something on paying. That’s unheard of today! It’s my ONE thing I can grab and read and escape laugh and learn! Thanks for all the smiles!”
—Ashley Holland
Stephens, AR

“I am renewing and enclosing a little more to help in your un-heard-of offer to fund the subscriptions of others if short of funds at this time. What an amazing company! Thank you so much. Truly Perfect Timing.”
—Mary Lou Scheidt
Pleasanton, TX

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