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Tucker & Laura Get Hitched!

Tucker and Laura wedding


June 12, 2021: Tucker Stone and Laura Aragon tied the knot in a beautiful and loving ceremony here in Fairview, NC. All 18 of our family and all five of Laura’s were on hand for the very special day. Much love was shared by all. Fun, too—Tuck’s older siblings even turned NSYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” into “Fly, Fly, Fly,” their testament to the couple’s flight into the future (and to a childhood mishap when Tuck thought he was Superman)!

It was an especially special day for Becky and me. Tucker, the youngest of our four, is the last to get married. We have no greater wish for our grown-up children than that each have (and are) the right life partner. Becky and I feel incredibly blessed by our children and their spouses, as well as by their offspring.

Congratulations, Tucker and Laura!

Tucker and Laura wedding group


So very much more happened this Summer. Jesse’s seven-member family (with five children under 10) stayed with us over a month. Nate, Atteeyah, and their two (Otis and Tupelo) were in frequently. The whole Stone posse spent a week together at Isle of Palms, SC and more! It was an incredibly blessed summer for Nana and Papa (if maaaybe a wee tiring at times for the oldsters—grin!).

Group photo at beach

At Isle of Palms, SC.


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