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Family Time!

A Lot’s Happened in Stoneville. The Big News:

HOORAY! SAMMY’S PREGNANT! Sammy’s older brother Nate, his wife Atteeyah, Becky, and I made it to Louisville on April 27 for her and Roger’s baby shower, where they received lots of useful baby booty—and we all celebrated Becky’s 70th birthday! A doubly special occasion!

BIG TIME IN BIG SKY! Tucker, our youngest, lived his dream this winter—he was a snowboard instructor at Big Sky Resort in Montana! Several of us made it out in February for a fun week of slipping down the slopes and hanging out together.

Above: Tucker makes a move. Below: Otis colors a GP Coloring Book—and Tupelo makes a face.

FIVE UNDER EIGHT! Meanwhile, since December 23rd, Jesse, our AZ daughter, and her husband, Adam, have been fostering three young children—as well as parenting their own two youngsters. There’s been a lot of caring and a bit of chaos at the (very busy) Reecks!


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