Are you a DIGr?


You Might Be a DIGr (Determined Independent Gardener) If:

  • You have local plant swaps circled on your calendar
  • Look at your hands right now—got thorns, cuts, or dirty nails?
  • You’ve rescued discarded plants or cuttings from neighbors’ curbs
  • You check your garden at night with a flashlight
  • You have something planted in a milk jug
  • You deal with weeds by just planting stuff that’s taller
  • A toolshed is a place of comfort—and you know where its spider hides
  • You don’t mind bad smells if you know what they are from
  • You can amuse yourself with your thumb over the end of the hose
  • You’ve found seeds in wadded bits of paper from the washing machine
  • You can smell a good rain an hour before it gets to your garden
  • All you want for your birthday is someone to haul mulch for you
  • Finding plants on your porch left by a secret admirer makes your week
  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zones mean … nothing

—By famed Southern garden speaker, writer, radio host and personality Felder Rushing, from his book, Maverick Gardeners (University Press of Mississippi)


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