GreenPrints #101, Spring 2015


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“Cat Attack!”, “Wishing Flowers”, “The Great Ladybug Escape”, “Are Plants Smart?”, “Fencing” … and more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

A garden is a miracle and haven. All you have to do is …

Fish for Fertilizer
They work great. But . . .

The Year Aunt Irene Grew Rembrandt Tulips
She most certainly didn’t want too. Until …

Cat Attack!
An idyllic Spring day. Until …

No fence? No farm.

Meaningless Meanderings
Lessons from, of all things, a possum.

Getting Better
Coming back to gardening—and mothering.

A tale of sprouts and sales from the Public Radio Show, “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Wishing Flowers
My daughter and I like color—lots of color.

A Christmas Carol?
Mike McGrath tells a Christmas story—in March?!

My Tulip Turnaround
What changed my mind.

Bush Hogs, Berries, God
A nun finds a connection between blueberries and her life.

The Great Ladybug Escape
On our carpet!

Are Plants Smart?
“They even know if you’re wearing a blue or red shirt.”

Growing Up with GreenPrints, Part II
The children of Your Editor report on life with a magazine in the house.

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