GreenPrints #119, Autumn 2019


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16 wonderful stories, including: “Nearsighted”, “Dad and the Fantasticks”, “Sod It!”, “Growing From Seed”, “The Gardening Fools Get Golden”, “Barley Flowers”, and more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • My Dinosaur Bromeliad A flower bud that looked like a dinosaur?
  • Nearsighted What I’ve learned from looking close.
  • Dad and the Fantasticks Our fathers’ special friendship.
  • Our Great Giant Pumpkin We were sure we had a winner!
  • My Deep-Seeded Passion A high-school football player shares his love for gardening.
  • “Sod It!” An adventure with Maggie and Marge, “The Gardening Fools.”
  • The Gardening Fools Get Golden Now … 16 years later … the sequel!
  • Growing From Seed No instant garden for me!
  • Kingwood Connections Cutting flowers—and collecting grandmothers.
  • Secret Ingredient Sweet Potatoes What made Daddy’s vegetables grow so big?
  • The Secret Garden Can an untended garden really survive?
  • The Hedonist’s Garden If it tastes good, it’s bad for you? Not in the garden!
  • Founding Gardener David Hosack’s valiant attempts to make America a botanical paradise. An excerpt from American Eden.
  • Barley Flowers A dog you could name a flower for.

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