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Thelonious Munk and the Culinary Adventures on Angela’s Porch

A Tale of Chipmunk Fine Dining

Read by Michael Flamel


Hey there, fellow rodent enthusiasts! Don Nicholas here, your resident chipmunk connoisseur, bringing you the scoop on the hottest fine-dining establishment in Atlanta—Angela Hansberger’s porch, home to the one and only Thelonious Munk.

Now, I’ve always had a soft spot for critters with bushy tails and cute cheeks, but Angela takes it to a whole new level. Forget about the standard squirrel picnic tables; Angela decided to elevate the rodent culinary experience by creating a chipmunk-sized restaurant right on her front porch.

The story begins with Angela’s Uncle Ed, who, in a stroke of genius, crafted a pint-size picnic table, initially intended for the backyard squirrels. Little did he know, it would become the epicenter of Thelonious Munk’s gastronomic journey.

Thelonious, a chipmunk with a sophisticated palate and a flair for drama, wasted no time in claiming his spot at the table. Angela, missing the joy of dining out during the pandemic, decided to channel her culinary skills into creating miniature masterpieces for her tiny, furry friend.

Picture this: a chipmunk named after a jazz legend, adorned with a tablecloth made from an old bandanna and feasting on dishes served on bottle caps. It’s a rodent version of a Michelin-starred restaurant, but with fewer pretentious critics and more cheeky chipmunks.

Angela’s culinary experiments reached legendary status, with mini-pizzas boasting almond crusts and raspberry paste, walnut-stuffed tacos, and sushi counters complete with fairy-sized bar stools. Thelonious, the discerning diner, has his preferences, steering clear of yellow bell peppers, cabbage, coconut, and peanuts, but showing appreciation for a simple herb salad.

The bond between Angela and Thelonious goes beyond the culinary delights; it’s a friendship that has even charmed Angela’s cat, Lloyd.

So, if you find yourself in Atlanta craving a unique dining experience, head over to Angela’s porch. Who knows, you might catch a glimpse of Thelonious Munk, the chipmunk with a taste for the finer things in life.

Until next time, keep it cheeky, chipmunk lovers!


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