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Garden (Magazine Reading) By Gender

Six of the fifteen stories in this issue are by men; nine by women. That’s actually a high number for the guys—sometimes males get the byline on only four GREENPRINTS pieces. Likewise, the vast, vast majority of GP readers—over 80%—are female.

To put it in “genderotypical” terms (if Mike McGrath can make up words, so can I), GREENPRINTS is a chick mag. You know, it’s about feelings and love and all that icky inside stuff.

And you know what? I’m proud of it. If women are by and large the ones sensitive to the heart and soul of gardening, I compliment their values and their wisdom. Good on you, Sisters! More of us fellows could learn from you.

I equally praise the males who “get it.” And why not? Like the letter writer (p. 37) this go-round who called me “macho” and “sensitive” in the same sentence (do I blush or fist bump?), it’s a good thing for all of us if men get to express some “feminine” traits and women some “masculine” ones.

I’m not trying to stir up any gender politics here, by the way. Actually, I never once thought about it when I started this mag 28 years ago. I just wanted to create a forum for something important but almost never shared: the deeply personal rewards of gardening.

So Andiamo—Let’s go! Get to digging (grin)!

Pat Stone, Editor


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