About Pat Stone

Pat Stone

Pat is Founding Editor of GreenPrints, having established GreenPrints in 1990 as a unique gardening quarterly print magazine that is filled with entertaining, funny, and heartwarming stories about gardening and life. Pat’s vision continues to guide the editorial mission of GreenPrints, and he ensures that every published story is worth a read by subscribers.

Articles by Pat Stone

Good Will Gardening, Vol. II

With 13 tracks in all, The GreenPrints Companion: Good Will Gardening, Vol. II delivers you the hilarious Greek oracle’s answer to “Why Did My Plant Die?”; the classic “I’m a ... Read More 

Raising Young Gardeners

Raising Young Gardeners

As parents and grandparents of potential young gardeners, we have watched whimsical playtime in the backyard turn to bright staring faces behind blue tablets and screens. Eating out at a ... Read More