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GreenPrints Really is Green!

I hope you are enjoying your garden as Summer approaches.

And I hope you’ll enjoy this splendid Summer issue of GreenPrints. When putting this issue together, I again realized just how special this magazine is. Those who submit stories are much appreciated—sharing their own true “gardening stories from the heart” is part of what makes GreenPrints so special.

And then there are the readers like you who write to us about all sorts of things. How meaningful GreenPrints is. With whom they share their issues. What story moved them to tears. Why GreenPrints is one of the only magazines they still read.

You wonderful readers also speak up when something is amiss. I got lots of messages from subscribers who complained about receiving the Spring 2023 Issue #133 in a plastic polybag. I too was surprised to receive my home issue wrapped in plastic.

Sure, it helped protect the issue from getting damaged in the mail, but we are—after all—GreenPrints, so we strive to be green! Apparently, the printer’s label machine was broken, and this was the only way they could mail the issue on time. We aren’t planning to ever mail an issue like that again. “We have to find other solutions if this problem arises again,” I told the GreenPrints staff.

To GreenPrints being green,

Bill Dugan signature
Bill Dugan
Editor & Publisher

P.S. Please feel free to comment below if you have feedback or suggestions for GreenPrints—I would love to hear from you!


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