Tend Your Autumn Garden Now!

New seasonal garden-planning tool is practical and beautiful.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for taking stock of how your garden performed this year—and prepping it for the coming cooler weather. There is a lot of tending to still be done!

Yes, Autumn is about harvesting from your garden, but it’s also the time for winding down and doing the necessary work—such as planting Spring bulbs, amending your soil for Spring, pruning trees and bushes, dividing perennials, and mulching—so you don’t miss an opportunity to improve your garden.

You can also do things such as garden cleaning and tool sharpening—don’t miss out on doing the things that will help you have a better garden in seasons to come.

Now comes the printable 2023 GreenPrints Autumn Garden Planning Calendar Kit—and with this kit, you have a tool for keeping you on track this Autumn:

  • Never miss an important planning task for ensuring a gorgeous garden, now and in the seasons ahead—this calendar is full of monthly tasks and checklists.
  • Be regularly inspired to harvest and enjoy your Autumn garden.
  • Cover every moment of Autumn, starting in September and ending in December, with 4 full months in this seasonal calendar.

And one beauty of this calendar is the monthly artwork—artwork specially commissioned for GreenPrints—accompanied by meaningful and inspiring quotations. And each month’s checklist and tasks includes a “Notes” section, so you can record specific conditions and needs for your own garden.

Print out this seasonal calendar and hang it in your kitchen, office, or garden shed—it’s a perfect reminder about your priority tasks for tending to your garden this Autumn!

Download the GreenPrints 2023 Autumn Garden Planning Calendar Kit right now.

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