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I’m always grateful to hear from readers. Write me at GREENPRINTS, P.O. Box 1355, Fairview, NC 28730 or email pat@greenprints.com.

Here’re some more letters celebrating our 25th Anniversary Year. Feel free to contribute your own! —Pat

Dear Pat,

I’m sure you are buried in work, but I encourage you to take a few moments to reflect on the impact you have had by sharing stories of wonder, love, and hope. Each of our lives is simply a collection of personal stories—pearls strung upon a thread of time to form a unique necklace. When I read GREENPRINTS, I take the inspiring stories to heart, and they literally become a part of my necklace, my life story. They influence the way I see the world, the words I speak, and the way I interact with other people.

What a legacy—enriching lives, making the world a better place by sharing stories. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the gift of life.

—Steven Chamblee, Weatherford, TX

I cherish each word of the 25th Anniversary Edition. What a tremendous job! Thank you so much for the heart and soul you put into it. I love your magazine.

—Marcia Beese Gardiner, MT

To all the Stones:
25 YEARS!! Congratulations! GREENPRINTS renews my faith in mankind. It calms my soul and makes me smile. Thank you to you all.

—Mary Carbee, Mellville, NY

We also publish a regular, free electronic newsletter (sign up for it at our website). It, too, draws comments:

What a beautiful essay on seed-starting in your January 8th e-letter. You’ve made me see the plant world differently. It is for insights such as these that I have long read GREENPRINTS. Thank you.

—Katie Walter, Stockton, CA


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