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I’m always grateful to hear from readers. Write me at GREENPRINTS, P.O. Box 1355, Fairview, NC 28730 or email pat@greenprints.com.

I so very much enjoy receiving each GREENPRINTS issue. I should write and thank you every time.
Pamela Faith Lake City
You do thank me every issue, Pamela—by subscribing (and for so many years)! Thanks to all of you for supporting the magazine.
My mother, Laura Curccaro, passed away in September. Mom was an avid gardener for as long as I can remember, first on Long Island and later in South Carolina.

A few years back when she first received a card saying I was giving her a subscription to “The Weeder’s Digest,” she was confused. She thought your magazine was all about weeds! But then she got an issue—and read it cover to cover.

So I want to thank you, Pat, for bringing my mother and me just that much closer by our having your wonderful magazine to talk about. In her last five years, Mom could no longer tend a garden, but reading your stories tended her spirit and for that I am truly grateful.
Nancy A. Cuccaro Southold, NY
Rudyard Kipling once said, “Gardens are not made by singing, ‘Oh, how beautiful and sitting in the shade.’”

Too bad he never knew the joy of sitting in the shade (once the gardening chores are done, of course) with a copy of GREENPRINTS in hand!
Carol Feaver Marim, OH
I have gotten so much enjoyment out of your magazine over the years. I often read one story with breakfast or before bed to start or finish my day on a happy note. Thanks for all your care and dedication.
Maria Aulitt Manville, NJ
I am writing to express my appreciation of your efforts to refrain from too much political content in the magazine. A beautiful fact about gardening is that is it nonpartisan.
John Knapschaefer Coldwater, OH
Astute comment, John. Life is nonpartisan—and all the most important things in it. It’s sad that our culture has gotten so wrapped up in combative, instead of cooperative, politics.
Thank you for continuing to connect us with nature and reminding us of the goodness in our world.
Julie Freitas Valley Village, CA
Thank you for including “My Ninety Acres” in the Fall Issue. A truly beautiful and heart-warming love story.
My husband and I enjoyed gardening together for most of our 46 years together. Since he passed three years ago, I have filled our tiny yard with daylilies, his favorite flower. As in the story, it helps keep him in the garden with me.
Joyce Edwards San Diego, CA
When I renewed my subscription on the phone, Julie said I would get an even better bargain if I renewed for three years. I’m 98 years old: Two years is probably pushing my gardener’s heart enough.

But I did decide to order a three-year subscription for my gardening granddaughter!
Ramona C. Douglas Garden Valley, CA
I love the magazine! What more can I say?!!!
Ila Kunc Omaha, NE 68137


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