GreenPrints 063, Autumn 2005

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Smell the Roses, Beverley Nichols’s First Garden, Nora’s Fears, The Thanksgiving Potato Fiasco, Squirrels and Apricots, Raking, Childbirth and Gardening . . . and more!




rosesSmell the Roses
Teaching my son to at least see them.

fruitNo Fruit, Please!
When the garden gets carried away with itself.

Nora’s Fears
All she wanted was a healthy baby.

gardenpathFirst Garden
Enchanting words From Beverley Nichols’s 1932 classic,
Down the Garden Path.

Squirrels and Apricots
Try fox urine? Well . . . .

hurricaneHurricane Gardening
Remember Charley? Frances? Ivan?
This gardener does—only too well.

Field of Green
Mike McGrath’s struggles with lawn grass.

potatoesThanksgiving Potatoes
This gem about a fumbling gardener trying to prepare holiday potatoes for 16 people is one of the funniest pieces we’ve ever run!
I’ve attached it here so you can read it for free,
but fair warning: It’s a big file (10 pages).
You may have trouble loading it.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

The Little Gentleman in Velvet
Moles can overthrow a king—just not your garden.

rosemaryRosemary Is For Remembrance
Trying, one last time, to reach Mom.

To Rake
Lessons from the tool of the season.

The Return of Gomer
A Sherlock Jones garden mystery.

quinceYellow Quinces
This beautiful story about the connection between giving birth
and gardening is one of the most thoughtful answers
we’ve ever published to the question of why
people garden.


. . . including . . .

I have a rock garden.
Last week three of them died.

—Richard Duran

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