At The Gate

Illustration by SHELLEY JACKSON

A Pitch from Pat

Well, gee, I’m going to come straight out and make a plug this issue. Actually, two plugs.

1) Thank you for supporting our advertisers (and telling them where you heard about them). As I’ve said before, most of them are family businesses (like ours) trying to sell good products they love. They have been consistently supporting this little magazine—they’re the reason this is our biggest non-anniversary issue ever. You help yourself, them, and us when you buy from them.

2) We need more subscribers! Gardeners love this magazine—if they hear about it. But, glory be, it’s an ongoing effort to help them discover it.

So everytime you tell someone about GREENPRINTS, share a copy, give a gift subscription, give out sample flyers or issues—ask me for some!—you help this mag keep going for all of us. (You can also encourage people to check out our lovely website, We have 11,000 subscribers (bless you, every one!), and that keeps us going. But keeping that number up (and, yes, making it grow) is not easy. Please help.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, GP #105 is a Jim Dandy of an issue, with 16 truly wonderful stories. You, dear reader, are in for a treat—16 treats, actually. Enjoy!

Pat Stone, Editor


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