Doris Lange: From Cherry (yes!) Valley, NY: “I think I planted my first garden (with Mom’s help) 80 years ago. I’ve gardened ever since.”

Ryan Storm: Ryan loves to keep Zone 11a tropicals thriving outdoors in his 9b CA home. He’s now studying viticulture at CSU Fresno.

Abra Montgomery: Huntington Beach, CA’s Abra loves to write about food, family, and gardening. (She’s known to swipe rose hips and plant cuttings.)

Laurel Radomski: Plover, WI’s Laurel’s wonderful “Encaro Imparo” led off our wonderful 100th Anniversary Issue.

Mo Pascoe-Hoyal: From Dry Prong, LA: “I need for you to know this story is very true and not one bit embellished.”

Patricia Morrison: “I work in Dispute Resolution for the Attorney General in Virgina—challenging and rewarding! This is my first published writing.”

John Hershey: A CO lawyer who loves to garden, John has shared his garden wit and wisdom in 13 past issues!

Stephen Perusse: From West Bridgewater, MA: “I really do fight a groundhog named Taco (and drink my coffee from a Daffy Duck mug). This is my first published piece!”

John Runnette: “My garden in Pasadena has become a popular vegetarian restaurant for squirrels, raccoons, and possums—and my inspiration for funny stories.”

Christa Chevalier: VT’s Christa has written for five issues of GP, including the only-ever “At the Gate” essay (GP#101) that was not written by me!

Kathryn Hall: Ukiah, CA publicist Kathryn believes in “changing the world one book at a time.” A piece from her book also ran in GP#98.


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