Ed Witman: From Toms River, NJ: “I am a retired professor of philosophy and a non-gardening husband.”

Gaylord Brewer: A professor at Middle Tennessee State, Gaylord has two poetry collections, The Feral Condition and Worship the Pig.

Steve Wing: From Spokane, WA: “The current story came out of nowhere. Pierrette says that when you have an empty nest, some-times something just jumps in!”

Jolene Halladay: A Moscow, ID veteran and homemaker, Jolene says, “This is the first story I have ever submitted for publication.”

Anne Martin: Anne is a San Francisco-based yoga teacher and writer.

Nan Fischer: “I now own a small nursery, raise vegetables, and grow seed for the Taos Seed Exchange, which I founded fi ve years ago.”

Kevin Bailey: “I am a Seattle-based environmental writer. In a previous life, I was a biologist.”

Christopher Stein: Christopher worked in printing and publishing, ran an organic foods business, and taught journalism to at-risk teens, all before…

Audrey Burges: “I am writer and mother in Richmond, VA. I write most of my pieces while begging my children to sleep.”

Ryan Stovall: Bangor, ME’s Ryan is a former Green Beret turned passionate gardener and parent. His wonderful fathering stories have appeared in our last two issues.

Gary Carter: Port Orford, OR’s Gary has been in the nursery business for over 40 years. He’s also written poetry, articles (including ones in GP Nos. 112 & 120), and two novels!


“Never Pick a Quarrel” (p. 21) sent in by Diane Toomoth of Springfield, MO. “Our Garden Gate” (p. 61) by Vi Johnson of Newburgh, IN.


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